Working with some great young talent recently and loving the dark, raw portraiture at the moment.

Makeup by Cynthia Begum
Model: Ishrat

CBegum - for me-0434cf-lighter1100wF.jpg

Down and Dirty with TORD 2016

Yet another intense block of trading card sessions went down just before the holidays with my favourite Roller Derby League.  As always, I wasn't let down and these ladies BROUGHT IT with all of the style, hilarity and lady-balls that I've come to expect from them.  Here are a few of my favourites:

Defying Gravity with "The Joint" Salon

Some of my favourite people to work with are the awesomely creative and talented crew from "The Joint" Salon in Toronto.  This one was their winter promo brain child and we got to sneak into a super cool location c/o Fluevog.  

Hair: Amanda Lee, Sandro Zamparini, Gisella Zamparini
Makeup: Jenna McKnight
Styling: Cathryn Wadden
Models: Alyssa, Kehli

Northern Ontario and Beyond.

For my first post on this particular blog, I've opted for  something a bit older and more personal that I haven't had a chance to share.  in the late winter of 2015 I was invited to fly to North Spirit Lake Ontario (a fly-in first nations community) to photograph some kids.   Due to the (understandable) constraints of my contract, I can't share any of those shots but I have plenty from around the community and my travels that I'm excited to finally throw out there.  (2015 was a bit of a crazy year!)  This trip starts out at St. Andrews Airfield in Manitoba and heads on over to North Spirit Lake.  

As you can see, I've been playing around with a combination of b&w and rich colour treatments.  Checkit: